Platform Tennis — usually referred to as Paddle Tennis — is an American racquet sport which is played outdoors primarily during the fall, winter, and early spring.


Enjoy an Invigorating Workout

MRSC has three paddle courts with lights and heaters underneath to melt off snow and ice. After a spirited game of paddle, players socialize in the warmth of our lounge which overlooks the paddle courts.

Locker rooms with showers are available in the clubhouse. We have a men’s doubles league for advanced players on Tuesday nights or you may also form your own group and book a season court for the same time each week.

Balls are supplied by the club for season courts and leagues. Open court time is available for members and non-members. Call the Club to get involved!



Have you tried the fast growing racquet sport in the country? Pickleball is a paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels using wooden paddles and a type of wiffle ball. We have weekly matches and introductory clinics. Paddles and balls provided for all matches. 

 Call to get involved! 

Want to Join The Club?

MRSC memberships are designed to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle. Membership benefits include discounted member rates for most of our tennis and swim lessons, clinics, and court time.