Cardio Tennis

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MRSC Cardio Tennis Classes sharpens your skills and develops your aerobic endurance to take your game to new levels.

The Ultimate Three-For-One Workout
Cardio Tennis is designed to build your aerobic capacity for tennis.  You get 3 types of results from a single workout:

  1. Tennis Specific Aerobic Fitness– Your body builds its aerobic capacity around tennis related movement.  This gives you an endurance edge on the court over those who do not use sport specific fitness training.
  2. Skill Refinement & Agility – Cardio tennis uses repetitive movement of fundamental tennis skills to create a training effect.  These skills also involve tennis specific movement transitions that develop greater agility.
  3. Drop Weight & Look Great – With cardio tennis you’ll be burning calories galore and improving muscle tone.  You can also enjoy what exercise physiologists call the “after burn” effect.  It’s a by-product of high intensity workouts where your metabolism can stay elevated 4 or more hours after your workout.  So long after you’re showered and relaxing, your body is still burning more calories at rest.  Nice!

So give cardio tennis a try and start enjoying the triple benefits of sport specific workouts for yourself.

Cardio Tennis

Begins January 28 and runs for 19 weeks

This popular group exercise combining tennis with fast-paced drills that keep players heart rates up. It is a form of interval training with short bursts of high–intensity exercise followed by very short periods of rest. This anaerobic exercise is excellent for your health and prepares you for tennis match play. Class enrollment is limited to 10 players. Eight players are scheduled each week and two players are rotated out.

Monday | 8:30-10:00am
Friday | 8:00-9:30am
Members: $350 | Nonmembers: $435

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